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Industrial Solutions

Besides delivering solutions for general document and workflow management needs, thanks to its sophisticated capabilities and highly customizable functionality, Doxoft presents industry specific solutions.
For some application details:

Banking & Finance

Accessing quickly to the correct versions of documents at desired time is an outstanding differentiator for corporations today. Quick access facilitates making decisions relying on correct data at a shorter time interval. Additionally, tracking of ongoing processes, auditing of the productivitiy of those processes and need to make retrospective queries are currently among the challenges of many organisations and this puts forward the need for “workflow management” in addition to “document management”.

Even though those needs are valid for almost all the organisations the number of processed documents, the abundancy of business processes, the volume of retrospective queries and the importance of such queries puts the finance industry at the top rank among the industries in which the document and workflow management systems’ usage is prioritized and critical. Financial institutions, investing most for the information technologies and following the technological developments closely, are vanguards of this critical topic as well and they are in search of solutions for this challenge as soon as possible.

Since, in banking and finance industry, the information in the documents processed under “document management”, their history and the future forecasts relying on them are of vital importance document and workflow control, the integration with the other banking applications (e.g. call center, banking applications, etc.), COLD (computer output to laser disc) -converts reporting actions into electronic data-, form applications included to the system via scanning and recognition methods constitute the mos outstanding topics.

However, executing the components which meet the requirements for each topic completely by utilising the ideal technology, integration of this system with the ba‏se banking applications in the IT infrastructure and its compatibility with the basic IT strategy are the major elements affecting the successful deployment.

Doxoft is a system incorporating the solutions stemming from the combination of the needs and concerns listed above. It owns an infrastructure considering both document and workflow management from a corporate perspective. Cybersoft/Aurora infrastructure provides scalability, a powerful basis and activity-ba‏sed architecture. Due to that, it can be integrated with any enterprise application including banking applications.

Some of the services offered by Doxoft to banking-finance organizations

  • Document and revision management
  • Process management
  • Dealer follow-up
  • Security on a user, file, document or group basis
  • Banking application integration
  • Archiving
  • Credit card application form automation through ICR
  • High-level security for document content through encryption
  • Digital signature option via PKI and e-signature support
  • Audit and tracking features

Examples of documents to be managed by Doxoft

  • Intelligence reports
  • Product and action plans
  • Corporate policies and applications
  • Customer information and documents
  • Signature certificates
  • Any customer document required for plastic cards
  • Training records
  • Licenses and permits
  • Credit analysises and reports, etc.
Engineering Change Management

Engineering Change Request (ECR) and Order (ECO) Forms. ECR forms, being the primary way to document change requests, contain typically both mandatory and optional data fields. You can create forms, enter data and access any field of the form such as “initiator” or “status” by using Doxoft’s integrated electronic form support. The fields can be limited to pull-down menu options, can be extended with variable inputs and even can be locked by user for security purposes. In this way, not only documents and drawings, but the data can be managed and controlled by Doxoft as well. Forms are also totally under revision control.

ECR Process – Workflow

To provide distribution of an ECR or any other document in the review and approval processes without delays, can shorten the general cycle period dramatically. You can create change request workflows -either structured or “ad-hoc”- easily with Doxoft by using drag-drop icons. Doxoft informs you of an incoming workflow document through e-mail and starts the necessary applications such as review, approve, edit or check. You can reveal the bottlenecks in a process through time-triggered warnings. Response and approval threshold, shared tasks, serial and parallel tasks shortens the cycle periods and enables the processes to be audited completely.

ECO Process – Workflow

When ECR process ends, Doxoft validates the approval for change. It activates engineering change order form (ECO) optionally or automatically. Since the process gains pace and is executed under control, the productivity and quality increase.

Management of Quality Documents

Corporations should document the applications having effect on the quality of products and services in order to acquire ISO-9000 certificate, and they should follow the procedures specified in the documents in order to acquire and renew the certificate. A well-designed documentation system assures being in accordance with quality standards continuously provides prompt access to well-organized data and tracks the approval process for ISO-9000. Doxoft is a document and workflow management application which enables the corporations to access the documents and data quickly and improves the quality and flow of information under security audit control at every stage.

Coordination throughout the Corporation

The real benefits of ISO-9000 are revealed when coordination requirements go beyond a single department or region and extend to multiple departments or regions. Taking benefit of Doxoft’s scalability, you can access any document in the same office or kilometers apart through your web browser. Doxoft facilitates access to, storage and tracking of any kind of documents including CAD drawings, business documents, technical documents, worksheets, e-forms, raster images, voice and video files. Files, in a single region or multiple regions, can be organized according to your needs. In addition to the open architecture and compatibility with the standards in Doxoft, integration tools enable you to integrate the system with other business applications (e.g. maintenance management system)

Document Management

Quality documents are basicly classified into two sets; electronic documents and electronic forms. These document classes are given attributes and document types come into existence in the system. After creating types, documents can now be managed by revision control in a folder hierarchy including a comprehensive searching capability. Some document types are;

  • Quality handbook: Provides organizations’ fundamental informative information, organization chart, quality policy, services, and basic commitments to clients and basic information about quality system.
  • Procedures: Documents that contain methods to execute an action or process.
  • Processes: Documents that contain the sum of activities which add value to an input, and create a product/result/output.
  • Forms: Documents that convert activities into data, and record quality management actions in a particular format. (Corrective action request form, Improver action request form, internal audit report etc.)
  • Instructions: Easy to use and read documents that inform users about how an action is taken, how a machine, equipment or tool is used, which rules apply for maintenance.

Like the limited examples given above, every single document type the quality standard requires can be created as an electronic document or electronic form with Doxoft features. Then these documents are subject to processes.

Workflow Management

Realisation of regulations assuring accordance with formal and consistent operations applications is of outstanding importance for ISO certification. You can create workflows easily with Doxoft by using drag-drop icons. Doxoft informs you of an incoming workflow document through e-mail and starts the necessary applications such as review, approve, edit or check. You can reveal the bottlenecks in a process through time-triggered warnings. Response and approval threshold, shared tasks, serial and parallel tasks shortens the cycle periods and enables the processes to be audited completely.

Some of the services offered by Doxoft;

  • Compatibility control follow-up
  • Document control and archiving
  • Training record follow-up
  • Subtractor follow-up
  • Security on a user, file, document or group basis
  • Change management
  • Workflow management
  • Drawing and document redlining
  • Action plan follow-up
  • Vendor management

E-forms for Audit History and Process Management

The complete records of activities, procedures and approval processes should be documented, stored and maintained in readiness for financial audits.In addition to digital signature feature, Doxoft workflows can track time and date stamps, actions performed, business documents and history data required for ISO-9000. Complete and consistent information in the forms such as correction requests, reports for non-standard materials, training records, financial audit results; provides the corporation to be in accordance with ISO-9000 standards.

Extended Corporation

In today’s competitive environment, many corporations use subcontractors in the fields such as component manufacturing, packaging and even total manufacturing of a product. Those subcontractors should obey the same regulations and assure that the information are stored, tracked and transferred to the distributors. Whatever the distance might be, upon accessing Doxoft from multiple regions, those companies would be an extension of your corporation through a fully integrated document management. Even if it does not deploy Doxoft locally, it can access the system through the web. Doxoft does not only meet your ISO requirements but, due to its scalability, it functions as a solution for multiple applications incorporating the whole corporation.


Doxoft in Public Institutions

Doxoft brings advantages to public institutions of any size. It manages printed and electronic documents and information of all kinds of public institutions -municipalities, regional directorates or branches. Furthermore, it presents additional security levels to all military institutions through its special features. Using Doxoft, you can start the processes from incoming documents department, continue with the senior officers and get approvals without using printed materials. If you wish, you can create a secure alternative to real signature with digital signature support as well.

Doxoft in e-government applications

Doxoft incorporates numerous standard functions especially enabling rise in service quality in the relationships of citizens with government offices and uninterrupted flow of follow-up and finalisation processes. The application documents are stored in Doxoft, the necessary data is compiled and the process starts. With the help of workflow features, the processes go on without need for printed materials and can be tracked from any desired location. Doxoft supports the flow of information and documents between institutions and process requirements for e-government preparations.

Doxofts enables the efficieny of the employment and the quality and stability in services.

Public institutions can offer their regulations, documents and reports, any kind of records for public use on the web via Doxoft. Since this requires customized authorisation for each institution, Doxoft provides multi-level security and allows the staff to determine the authorisation.


Doxoft in Insurance Applications

Today, after selling the product, one has to perform all presales and postsales services from application forms to damage payments quickly and at a low cost level. Staff difficulty in finding the documents, the archives in the other buildings and growing files with ever-increasing news, intelligence and documents are the elements directly affecting the productivity.

Insurance companies are using Doxoft in order to re-engineer their “businesses” and “processes”. They share the corporate documents with regional offices, agencies, partnering institutions and customers on the web. All those become a part of the processes through web.

In this way, the companies selling at a lower cost, making the damage payments more effectively and reducing the costs acquiring market share from their competitors. Agency and customer satisfaction increase, and retention is achieved. Sharing and marketing costs are reduced.

Some of the services offered by Doxoft to insurance companies;

  • Offer process automation can be managed through the system along with the related documents.
  • Policy preparation process automation can be managed through the system along with the related documents.
  • In damage payments for both health insurance and life insurance, the challenge to find the documents in the archives is overcome.
  • Marketing forms, query forms, application forms and policy forms are transferred from regional offices and agencies to the headquarters and they can be used quickly after processed with OCR/ICR.
  • System users can report technical support requirements about all their core software, hardware or secondary software to the IT support department by using Doxoft’s electronic forms in workflows.

Examples of documents to be managed by Doxoft;

  • Industry reports
  • Announcements,bulletins,internal correspondences
  • Correspondences with agencies and partnering institutions
  • Credit analysises and reports, etc.
  • Policies
  • Electronic versions of the documents to be stored legally
  • Product and action plans
  • Customer information and documents
  • Offers
  • Request forms for annual leave, advance payment, vehicle and materials
  • Training reports
  • Licences and permits

Engineering Change Management

Cost, quality, speed and creativity are driving forces in engineering design and development process. Corporations are now aware of the fact that competitive advantage depends on the initial phases of development process; for, in those phases, the ability to utilise the designs iteratively and to apply the changes quickly could shorten the development process and reduce the costs.

In order to organize access and control the data during the realisation of engineering designs, we need document and information management systems. Doxoft is a document management and workflow application which enables the corporations to access the documents and data quickly and improves the quality and flow of information. The solution provides security, revision control and audit control at every stage.

Reutilisation of Designs

Engineers should rely on accessible and updated documentation in order to be able to apply the engineering changes effectively or to design new products. Doxoft’s comprehensive query capabilities provide quick and uninterrupted access to the most critical documents such as CAD drawings, bills of materials ans specification sheets. Since all the documents are under full distribution and revision control, you can always access the correct version when you request. You can easily associate the documents with each other, such that, e.g. a CAD drawing can be associated to its own bill of material.

Doxoft’s open architecture and compatibility with the standards enables the users to integrate this solution with other applications such as “plannig system” managing their corporation’s production requirements. Furthermore, Doxoft performs full data sharing with ERP and PDM applications which are inevitable for manufacturing companies and manages their documents and drawings throughout their life cycles.

Management of CAD Documents

All documents, whether in electronic or printed format, can be managed by Doxoft. Doxoft facilitates access to, storage and tracking of any kind of documents including CAD drawings, business documents, technical documents, worksheets, e-forms, raster images, voice and video files. Electronic files can be organized in accordance with the environments of corporations operating in a single region or multiple regions. Access privileges are controlled through a multi-level security scheme which can be extended down to the document level. Doxoft’s compound feature allows you to manage a group of documents as if it is a single document and, at the same time, to view, print and check each of those documents independently.

Examples of documents to be managed by Doxoft;

  • Engineering specification sheets and drawings
  • Plant and equipment drawings
  • Product and action plans
  • Corporate policies and applications
  • Compatibility control records
  • Subcontractor records
  • Transfer documents and deliveries
  • Pipe and tool diagrams
  • Bills of materials
  • Engineering change request forms
  • Quality assurance procedures
  • Vendor specification sheets
  • Test procedures and results

Some of the services offered by Doxoft to manufacturing companies;

  • Change management
  • Workflow management
  • Action plan follow-up
  • Subcontractor follow-up
  • Security on a user, file, document or group basis
  • CAD integration
  • Electronic review and approval
  • Record archiving
  • Drawing and document redlining
  • Compatibility control follow-up
  • Training record follow-up

Logistics is a rich market in terms of operation and document type variation. Markets that logistics firms provide services and the business run for these markets generally contain documents that should be kept with cross references with each other.

To understand the diversity of document types in logistics, one might have a look at the various service areas; international transportation (road, air, sea, railway…), domestic transportation, insurance, customs clearance, warehouse management, etc. Whatsmore, sales people in logistics firms prepare offers and contracts that are combined from the services choices above, and each time the form of these documents change. These aspects of the market makes the firms need a central, comprehensive and easy to use document and workflow management system.

Properties like designation of serial or parallel templates that can be authorized step by step with respect to the requirements of the process, ability to set privilege to add documents in tasks make Doxoft a useful tool for logistics firms. Other that highly capable workflow module, users could be able to find every document easily by OCR scanning documents, and easily retrieve them by using comprehensive search options.

Examples of documents to be managed by Doxoft;

  • Bill of consignment
  • Bill of loading
  • Invoices
  • Custom clearance forms
  • Packaging, carrying instructions
  • Journal voucher
  • Warehouse rental contracts
  • Product & Services plans
  • Compatibility audit records
  • Delivery documents
  • Training records
  • Insurance policies
  • Offers, Contracts

Players in pharmaceutical market frequently meet audits and are subject to government laws-regulations for a standard of products’ compatability. A software which has a wide application area like Doxoft can seriously contribute pharmaceutical companies’ operations in terms of managing corporate memory, general document management and managing quality standards.

A close look at the firms reveals that there is a consistent information and document flow especially for the management of products that has long life cycles. The cost of generating a product in a 5 to 10 years process, and launching a product is at billions of dollars level. Documents that carry such valuable production-development information and patent documents could be encrypted when necessary. Doxoft meets high level security expectations with its properties; user-folder-category-document based authorization, 128 bit document encryption, user based authorization of e-form data areas with respect to workflow steps.

Advantages like unlimited document types, unlimited attributes for document types, document format independency and virtual folder hierarchy makes Doxoft the right decision for information, document and workflow management needs of pharmaceutical firms.

Examples of documents to be managed by Doxoft;

  • Drug/Formula discovery documents
  • Clinic Research-Development documents
  • Quality standard documents
  • Patent documents
  • Bioequivalence reports
  • Equivalent drug certificates
  • Contracts
  • Procedures
  • Catalogs/Product introduction documents
  • Promotional documents
  • Custoemr information
  • Configuration management documents
  • Prospektus

Increasing demand for private health services brings a serious workload and responsibility for health organizations. Various treatment methods and services give birth to many document types.

Treatment and support is the service provided, and the outcome-benefit is human healts in this market. Thus, there is no tolerance for delivering inaccurate service. To manage such a serious and difficult issue, health organizations must carefully archive documents related to providing services (treatment, examination, operation, etc.) with a strong revision control. Doxoft is a document management system that can archive, manage, follow and observe patient documents, treatment documents, examination reports etc. E-forms that can be designed using drag-n-drop features, unlimited attributes for unlimited document types let health organizations store and manage their documents professionally, easily in a secure environment. Since patient or tretment documents contain accumulated information and past is vitally critical, keeping information in such a useful system is a must.

Comprehensice electronic archiving and searching capabilities to retrieve documents easily renders Doxoft a unique solution in the health market. A document, even if it is a .pdf document can be searched through its content, or else with respect to its attributes. In this way, users can make “to the point” searhing actions.

Examples of documents to be managed by Doxoft;

  • Examination reports
  • Treatment documents
  • X-Ray files
  • Diagnosis reports
  • Patient information documents
  • Patient satisfaction forms
  • Health reports
  • Invoices
  • Patient insurance policies
  • Quality records and procedures

First of all, players operating in retail market have a diverse structure. The market contains many brands with many dealers or sales-points, and this reveals a big potential for document flows. To manage these documents that take place in diverse points, a web based central management system is crucial. Thanks to its totally web-based system architecture, Doxoft requires no installation for client users, and is the best way to manage documents and workflows in retail market. Moreover the structure that is compatible to work within ASP model can make companies manage their brands as if all of them have already purchased Doxoft Information, Document and Workflow management system.

Secondly, most of the brands rent their sales-points. The effective date of the rental contracts is the vital point for both the renter and the tenant in terms of arrogating rights if an issue is born. A system that archives and manages these contracts must have the capability to report out of date contracts and it must be able to generate passwords for documents. Other than that documents could be easily retrieved by its content or attributes. Doxoft with its features is a ready tool to solve retail market players’ issues.

Examples of documents to be managed by Doxoft;

  • Rental contracts
  • Product and service plans
  • Delivery documents
  • Training records
  • Insurance policies
  • Offers, contracts
  • Bill of consignment
  • Invoices
  • Product management documents

Quality standard management is highly involved in energy market and companies should be very dedicated to take required actions to meet standards. Services, products, distribution-presentation of products must be confirmed. Information and methods must be completely understood and used by the personnel. To meet all these standards and keep records, companies should use a professional document and workflow management system.

Doxoft brings solutions for quality management, sharing of general documentation within privileges with up to date revisions and for workflow processes like internal correspondence and incoming-outgoing documents. Documents like permissions, procedures and instructions are processed within workflows. Unlimited virtual folder structure with unlimited folders and hierarchy, creating unlimited document types and attributes capabilities let Doxoft offer a smart solution for the energy market. Low implementation cost, fast customization process and integration opportunities with corporate applications make life easier for energy companies.

Examples of applications to be managed by Doxoft;

  • Compatibility control follow-up
  • Document control and archiving
  • Training record follow-up
  • Subtractor follow-up
  • Security on a user, file, document or group basis
  • Workflow management
  • Action plan follow-up
  • Vendor management
  • Process danger analysis findings
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